Deutsch Verein

German Club was designed to be a social as well as a civic organization.

See recent pictures on our Facebook page: The Big Walnut German Program

Some of the Social Activities:

~Oktoberfest:  an in class celebration during the month of October.  Students prepare German and Austrian desserts and German Club furnished Brats and Sauerkraut

~Holiday party/gift exchange.  We have a goofy gift exchange in the Innovation Center with snacks, games and singing!


~ Film Nights: 3-4 times a year we clear out the class room in the evening, order pizza and watch a movies in German!

~Club T-Shirt.  German officers get a discount on the T-Shirts which is designed by a German Club Member.

~Tasting Day: Around Valentines we have this event in class. Students get to taste chocolates, breads, cheeses, cookies, cakes, coffee and tea from German speaking countries. (What ever I can find locally!)

~Games and fun afternoons. A few times a year, we will meet in the IC  after school to play board games, do puzzles etc.

~Awards Day: During class on this day, students receive awards for their participation and achievement regarding different aspects of the German Program. This year, students will also be creating their final exam T-Shirt. They will be able to 'decorate' a T-shirt and use it on their final exam.

Civic Activities

~Caroling in  local neighborhood 

~Classes compete to collect as many items as possible for Friends Who Share, our local food pantry in Sunbury.

~Scholarship to students traveling overseas during the summer.

​All students should select a membership category.

a. $5 in class member: The money helps to pay for activities we do in class.

b. $20: Full membership. This includes all the in class and evening activities for free! (We do not have any fund-raisers.)