Frau Craig

Guten Tag! Ich heisse Frau Craig!  I began the German Program at Big Walnut in 1990. Before coming to Big Walnut, I studied at Miami University where I earned a BS in education and a BA in German. During my undergraduate years I studied for a year at the University of Salzburg Austria. Before coming to Big Walnut, I also participated in the Fulbright Program and taught a year at a high school in Austria. Since beginning at Big Walnut I have earned my master's degree in teaching.  


My husband and I enjoy living in Sunbury and know that Big Walnut offers a wonderful educational experience. Both of our children attended Big Walnut schools, and they have enjoyed success as they continue their education.  It has been a pleasure and honor to begin and build a strong German Program and be part of our school community.


My goal has also been to offer and build a program that is both academically rigorous and accessible to all students with various backgrounds, abilities and interests.  To meet this goal, I have built a program which has many opportunities in and out of the classroom to learn about the German language and culture.  

Academic Opportunities: Honors and AP levels offered, the German Honor Society, National German Achievement Test opportunities, advanced placement at colleges.

Travel/Cultural Opportunities:  tour of German speaking countries every other year, the Friendship Connection Exchange Program. (Over the years, my husband, who also speaks German, and I have returned to Germany and Austria to visit friends. We have also sponsored 12 successful trips abroad with groups of students.)

Social and Service Opportunities: German Club activities, teaching German to elementary ages students.

Sunbury and Big Walnut are great places to live and learn.  I look forward to meeting all my students every fall!

Frau Craig